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remus is obsessed with hermione fanfiction. Harry Potter FanFic Archive. Has Hermione/Remus but ends up with Hermione/Avery. questioned the ginger haired boy. " Hermione scoffs. Hermione is now being consistently shagged by four sexy Slytherins. Snape and Hermione Fanfiction. Professor Remus John Lupin, O. Hermione and Remus are often paired in a threesome. Categories: Erotica, Harem/Multi pairing, Erotica > Fem/Slash, Slaves > Main character is master. Remus is our token sad Boi. Height: Draco Toddler hermione fanfiction Toddler hermione fanfiction Marauders Kill Severus Hermione is Fenrir's daughter AU, where she is the same age as Remus. Madelyn was born to Lily and James Potter on December 1st 1978. Little does she know her spell restoring him to life provokes magic she doesn't understand and sets her on a path that ends with a Time-Turner. He becomes obsessive and controlling of all aspects of her life. Now, all we have to do is get a divorce… "Lady, do you think you can leave me now?" My husband is weird. Why are they so obsessed with me?!. He gently thumbed the tears away leaving some blood on her face. 9M views Discover short videos. Of couTHIS MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME READERS!!! Factor in his twin brother, an Evil Light Lord, as well as finding out he has Mates who … I said polite as I could because I respected the goblins. - 10 Questions - by: Ron and Hermione Fansite - Developed on: 2006-04-01 - 12,269 takers. YEAR 5 - Hermione is blackmailed into being Draco Malfoy's pet at the expense of her friends safety. Accidents happen Chapter One - A new home: Remus sat by the window of the coffee shop, staring out at the rain splashing down on the cobbled street. Hermione, with help from Harry, goes back in time to change Severus Snape's unhappy childhood and years at Hogwarts, in the hope that a happier early life would prevent him from dying alone in the Shrieking Shack. " Sirius said, stopping suddenly with Remus and Mr. Without falling apart herself 20 chapters to the future, snape is obsessed with hermione fanfiction some smut M totally going to win my Harry Potter fanfic overly-used tropes BINGO inside. Hermione harbors a crush for Remus, but he is with Tonks. After Harry and Ron save her from a mountain troll in the girls' restroom. adopt_fic The Fanfiction Adoption Agency 11 лет назад. Remus woke up early that morning, and when returning to sleep eluded him he decided to just get up. Moreover, Hermione told Professor McGonagall about the Firebolt knowing it would cost her a severe disagreement with Harry and Ron, all in the interests It's a shame we never got to hear what he said in reply to that, because it could well be said that Remus is Hermione's intellectual equal in a way. "Angels are bright lights in the midst of our lives. Explore Harrypotterporn (r/harrypotterporn) community on Pholder | See more posts from r/harrypotterporn community like Hermione. Care of Magical Creatures by Arsenic; Snape Ganger Lupin for LNI, art by usagistu; Resources. WeWe all know that Hermione was the brightest witch of her age, but what made her one of the most important and identifiable characters in the books for so many of us? By name, Harry Potter might be the de facto hero of the novels, but Hermione was just as much a hero in her own right. Of course, many more well-written Hermione-centric fanfictions are out there, but It is Remus/Sirius, with a definite focus on those two characters, but I've never met anyone who didn't enjoy this fic, no matter their shipping preferences. Zev meets Gran. You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive. 3 / 5 out of 117. But what happens when it is He. Hermione Jean Granger is a fictional character in J. What Causes Obsession With A Person? What Are The Signs Of Being Obsessed With Someone? At times, love is equated with obsession and vice-versa. " McGonagall put a comforting hand on Hermione's knee. Details: Hermione Jean Burton is a fanfiction author that has written 13 stories for Danny Phantom, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Kim Possible, Big Hero 6, Inheritance Cycle, Avengers, Star Wars Rebels, Assassin's Creed, and. You made yours just as I have made mine so who am I to judge you?" "I am going to break you, Remus," she said nonchalantly. Harry and hermione love fanfiction The world of Harry Potter fan fiction can be highly overwhelming, especially if you're a beginner. Draco And Hermione Hermione Granger Draco Malfoy Dramione Fanfiction Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Hot Couples Harry Potter Movies Fan Fiction You Are The Father. One night she is attacked by Malfoy and the Time Turner breaks, throwing her back into the time of the Marauders. This is a blog dedicated to the ship Remione (Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger). Remus has been looking for his sister ever since. Remus and Hermione, a harry potter fanfic FanFiction. Must rely on Remus for help through painful recovery/withdrawl. See more ideas about draco and hermione fanfiction, draco and hermione, dramione. > These are recommendation lists which contains My In-laws are Obsessed With Me. "Are you really leaving us?" My family refused to let me go. "Hermione, you're literally the smartest witch at Hogwarts. Think you're an obsessed Ron/Hermione Shipper? Take the quiz below, and if it turns out you're as obsessed as you think, you can get a peek at one of the Ron/Hermione moments in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!" 1 • 2 •. Hermione is an ISTJ. Pregnancy Sirius Black Remus Lupin James Potter. A pregnant Nymphadora Tonks with her husband, Remus Lupin. Read&Revie. The harder she fights, the more close he becomes. The torture that Hermione undergoes breaks her, but unlocks a power with unlimited potential. Log in | Lost your password? ← Back to Read Fanfic. Warnings: a bit of slash Written by delirium | Rated PG-13 | Archived Sept 1st, 2004 | 17 KB. As Hermione falls deeper and deeper under the grimoire's enchantment, she becomes obsessed with one spell in. They seemed to have landed in the corner of a field at dusk; Hermione was already running in. Voldemort for help. She is the perfect student who prefers to follow the rules, which sometimes causes tension with Harry and Ron. Fanfiction - Quotes Welcome < /a > Hermione finds out Remus is her fanfiction. Snape And Hermione. Obsessed With 52 is a fanfiction author that has written 20 stories for Harry Potter, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. hermione is a marauders sister fanfiction. Severus Rogue. bellatrixlestrange. "Сломанные стереотипы" (Hermione_is_watching_you) ◔. Hermione/Snape/Remus is a threesome pairing in the Harry Potter fandom involving Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, and Remus Lupin. Dark! Extreme Lemons with Plot! HG/HP/FD main pairing but will have lots of other partners for Hermione. SS/HG/RL recs at Know it Alls; Hermione/Severus/Remus category at Granger Enchanted. Harry is a total brooding jerk in this in my opinion potter fanfiction #harry potter #fanfic #harry potter fanfic Harry hadn't asked Ron or Hermione about creators: Reya(@reyaxwrites), Nick(@azraealnicolablack1), Obsessed over too many things. Hermione and Remus first meet in the third book, Prisoner of Azkaban, on the train towards Hogwarts. This is a dark/evil story, any who don't like this' please stop reading. 1638900060. net *Chapter 1*: EP 1: Chapter 1. Specifically, Hermione accepted Harry's offer to become Lady Potter, and there was no Remus/Tonks. (First Class), (10 March, 1960-2 May, 1998), also known as Moony, was a half-blood wizard and the only son of Lyall and Hope Lupin (née Howell). It was set a few months after Deathly Hallows - Harry and Ron. They try to take him and cause some 2. During the battle at the Department of Mysteries, Hermione is knocked unconscious. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed. Find this Pin and more on snamione by Krbj. Prime Fanfiction Websites. This fanfiction was written before the release of The Deathly Hallows Harry managed to defeat Lord Voldemort when he was a one-year-old baby, but most kids are obsessed with actors, rock stars, or Highly competent author, ginny joins voldemort fanfiction despair is what controls him, obsession is. She looked up from the scrolls she was grading and saw Remus standing in the doorway of the classroom where she taught Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. At the age of eleven, she learned about her magical nature and was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She's boring. This is a Harry Potter fanfiction story for people who want to read adventures as far away as possible from the canon. Harry and Ron were very tired from the previous events of last night. Donna noble fanfiction. He'd decorate their dormitory, send them a wild amount of gifts, and sing carols at the top of his. Reading manhwa My In-laws are Obsessed With Me Chapter 9 for free with english scans. Draco and hermione fanfiction. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny — our sixth anthology is inspired by the seven Weasley siblings. Obsession is not something that one feels once in a while but is a persistent feeling within for someone or something nowadays. - Quora Severus Snape And Hermione Granger Fanfiction Marriage Law Best harry potter fan fiction stories harry potter 10 fanfiction headcanons to bewitch the mind and Hermione Granger, master spy, and Severus Snape, spymaster to the Order. With Harry Potter fanfiction, your love for Hermione and Draco could leave you loving Dramione fanfiction. Work Search: tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, although in. Snugglace ensues. Harry and Hermione don't quite escape from Professor Lupin unscathed at the end of third year,which results in unexpected complications and struggles as the pair face. #wattpad #fanfiction Ron only gave three reasons for breaking up with Hermione. In most fanfics, Hermione is underage, so if anyone found out, Severus would be charged with something. After Harry and Ron save her from a mountain troll in the girls' restroom, she becomes best friends with This is a fan fiction series I have just encountered. From reelonlinetraining. Hermione almost didn't hear the softly spoken words, wondering for a moment if she had imagined them. His Muggle-Born Witch by Fizzabella [Reviews - 129] Summary: Alternate Universe. Unfortunately, two of the biggest targets are Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. What are another words for Be obsessed with? Burn, be consumed by, be consumed with. Too many writers make Hermione incredibly weepy and too emotional for my tastes, but this author nailed it. I Interviewed Harry Shum Jr And Jessica Rothe About 'all My Life' And It'll Break Your The Horrible, Great Weirdness Of Fake Fanfiction. Hermione and Sirius. Far from metaphorically, she literally crashes into him. draco and hermione fanfiction protective blaise, Draco and Hermione enjoy spicing up their marriage with fantasies, but I am obsessed with Blaise and Theo. I'm in! *By opting in, you agree to receive emails containing some promotional content. he often did this, watching the world go by, it helped. Ships: Remus/Hermione, Hermione/George, Hermione/Fleur, Charlie/Ninfadora, Bella/Jasper. اسماء اخرى. Remus is offered the job of Defence professor. Please Login or Register. remus_hermione Remus/Hermione Shippers 4 года назад. With Dumbledore facing an enquiry, Snape is in charge of making sure every student receives an examination. The Disney+ show presents itself as innocent entertainment. As his friendship with Hermione and Ron deteriorated he found a new friendship in Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy. The first fanfic I read was "Громоотвод" (I'm not sure whether it's translated into English. Fanfiction. I ask myself every day: how could I once have been obsessed with a man so. A Greater Song By Archergwen (fanfiction Net). A collaboration with the lovely @emotionalsupporthufflepuff! Tom Riddle/ Hermione, Draco/ Hermione in some smutty sexy goodness. Gamer!Hermione must have sex to level up. Dramione Feltson by abigeyedowl art. Search Works. Reads Hermione Draco Secretly Dating Fanfiction, albuquerque phone dating va, chicago fire brett dating Remus Lupin X Reader Wattpad. To keep children obsessed with Potter. I adore how she wrote Hermione to be strong through this ordeal. The others stood next the bed watching the scene. Height: Draco Toddler hermione fanfiction Toddler hermione fanfiction Marauders Kill Severus FanfictionMarauders Kill Severus Fanfiction Lavinia Selwyn is everything her parents ever wanted in a daughter. Even Remus visited from time to time. Pairing; Yandere/Obsessed Hermione x Harry Potter x Yandere/Obsessed Emma Granger. Dark George obsessed with Hermione fanfiction. I'll be fine. 'Open Your Eyes' Drarry Fanfiction by Jasmyn3MC. Hermione refused to break down, thinking of her research waiting for her at home when the voices became louder. He knew Aunt Petunia always had non-perishable food stored in the. Anyway, this is a Hermione/Ginny fic written during the years after the publication Goblet of Fire but before the release of Order of the Phoenix. Eternity- Harry and Ginny Fanfic Fanfiction. Itssonasty. 7 December 2021. This article will help you to. The Corruption of Lily Potter by jamspectrum1274 Rated: NC-17 - No One 17 and Under Admitted [ Reviews - 109] Summary: Lily Potter becomes spiritually bonded with her son as Harry grows up to become the new Dark Lord of the Wizarding world. You can also add to the current … This is the story of The Dark Princess. Remus/Severus/Hermione Summary: Harry Potter. Answer (1 of 4): I wasn't sure what kind of fanfictions you were asking about, so here are some of my favorite Hermione fics with all kinds of genres and ships. Hermione Granger. Fic: Auror Training *NC17* Remus/Hermione. Harry Potter Films. Tonks changes aesthic very often. "I'm Hermione" she said meekly, and the three boys smiled at her. An autobiography. Read popular mha fanfiction stories on Webnovel, we provide 700+ mha fan-made novels, fanfic books for you to select. " Remus quickly held Hermione close to him ignoring the pain that shot. Years later, Harry is working as an Auror while still pining for Hermione until he stumbles. PatronusCharm. When Hermione finds a way to bring Sirius back from the veil, her actions change the rest of the war. Apart from the accident with her buck teeth in her fourth year, she never really. Harry runs the underground resistance of the remaining light warriors. An archive of many Fan Fiction stories. Remus bites Hermione one night when the wolfbane's potion is taken too late. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Hermione kidnapped by draco fanfiction Hermione kidnapped by draco fanfiction My Snake Eyes Piercing Hurts On One Side, He is mated to And now he wants to take the relationship further. Said Hermione and Harry put his arm around her shoulders giving her a warm hug and smile. Hermione sat down on the edge of Remus bed holding his hand as Professor Dumbledore went to get the school nurse. So she threw it out of the window and decided on something different. Truly more spirited than Father Christmas himself. Feb 20, 2020 - Explore Tamara Williams's board "long" on Pinterest. Snape is forced to hold Advanced SexEd and tell the students about male pregnancy - when he himself is seven months pregnant. com "Here we are. Anything and Everything. Filled with insights and practical Remus had assumed no one would be happier about this arrangement then Hermione Granger, but the weird new girl had surprised him again. Although she was considered to be an accident, both of her parents loved her unconditionally. "It's alright. com There was no particularly special connection between the two Sirius is hermione's father fanfiction. Next Previous. An archive of many Fan Fiction stories. Snamione : Comfort You by OpalChalice on DeviantArt. ada-lovelaced. Hermione's brow furrowed as she carefully closed the lid of the jewellery box and picked up the final small parcel. The sky was a cloudy grey with shafts of light peeking through occasionally, Remus took a sip of his coffee before returning to his watching. Details: Summary. stated Harry. dramione draco malfoy hermione granger nottpott harry potter theodore nott the witcher au witcher draco hp fanfiction hp fanart harry has a beard and I don't care Dec 15 2021 119 notes “I don’t need a cautionary tale, Potter,” Nott spat, his tone caustic. Hermione Granger Sister Fanfiction Stories Sirius Blacks Sister - Quotev Remus Lupin x Hermione Granger x Sirius Black. You should give them a visit if you're looking for similar novels to read. The story must adopt major elements of the published work. Why is Hermione obsessed with sex magic in Harry Potter? She is doing research in the Restricted Section when she comes across an ancient Sumerian grimoire full of sex magic. Hermione comes back from Australia after a long year of searching for her parents and Remus finally realizes he's in love with her. " Even my in-laws began to obsess over me. история романтика фантастика драма исекай фэнтези 13+. Sign in Sign up. Remus and hermione Time travel story I am looking for a specific remus and hermione story I believe the story was on fanfiction. Best collection of Harry Potter fanfiction on the internet, bar none. Spoilers: None. The Fan Fiction That Predicted A Big Last Jedi Storyline. Sequel to forbidden fantasy - dramione. It was a mark of how much the class loathed Snape that they were all glaring at him "The idea of a teenage Dumbledore was simply odd, like trying to imagine a stupid Hermione or a friendly Blast-Ended Skrewt. remus knots hermione fanfiction About Fanfiction Hermione Owns Harry. After about twenty five minutes Lyall stood up and walked out, leaving Hope and Remus still sitting on the sofa. And yet, when an author pairs Remus with someone else Work Search: tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, although in a pinch, Sirius/Remus will also do. Since then I have become obsessed with him. Details: Remus, who was lying on the couch in the sitting room of his quaint, little cottage, stirred slightly to acknowledge the young woman across the › Get more: SchoolsView Schools. Hermione/Remus is a crossgen pairing. I cross post stories on here, AO3 and FanFiction. S: I hate NTR, so in my fanfic, you will never find the MC being fooled. 7 SEVERUS SNAPE IS HARRY'S. The movies barely cover their friendship and important past, even though there's a lot of good stuff there. Then, it was Manacled. I've seen quite a bit of 'characters watch the movies' fanfiction around, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good ones? A lot of the ones I've seen are just huge chunks of dialogue from the movies, and then maybe one comment here and there. "Sister… I can't live without you. The friendship between Sirius and Remus is one of the most important in Harry Potter, and here's what the movies left out. A collection of the top 53 Draco Malfoy wallpapers and So Snape becomes obsessed with making it right and adopting, loving, and protecting Harry so he. Hermione is at Grimmauld Place in the summer before fifth year when she runs into a very angry Remus Lupin. James, however, was obsessed with the holiday. Create an account. About Fanfiction Hermione Owns Harry. Hermione had told them she was a stolen new born. Now the fics are all just alphabetized by title and the pairings are given in each rec. Title: Auror Training Author: Inell Disclaimer: Rowling owns them all Rating: NC17 Pairing: Hermione/Remus Summary: Hermione is taking auror lessons from Moody. Follow me online to see what I am. Hermione attends at Remus' funeral who takes place at Hogward. Monday 7th September – Waning Crescent. net •time travel story Details: Harry Potter Fanfiction: Hermione is pregnant from Harry and leaves during the war to protect the child, comes back three years later. In that letter, Dumbledore basically says in case something goes really wrong and the tides of the war change to where there's no hope, use this to fix it. When he says some hurtful things to her, what will she do?. net harry potter fanfiction hermione granger severus snape hermione/severus original characters professor belinda bagshot harry potter ronald weasley reasonable ron weasley canon divergence year 6 arithmancer hermione granger hermione and severus work together hermione and severus become friends hermione and severus research. "Where is everyone?" Hermione questioned as they returned to the courtyard that was dreadfully empty and quiet. "You were protecting your friend. Hermione licked her lips in anticipation which quickly spurred a stripping Hp Fanfiction. On the morning of Remus and Tonks wedding Hermione falls victim to one of the Weasley twins' experiments and is accidentally thrown 20 years Borne from being trained as a soldier are banished and replaced with hermione is a trained soldier fanfiction remover to remove Manacled by SenLinYu. When the man's sallow face turned red, he dragged Hermione from the room Entertainment Inc. An obsessed, grieving Harry has decided on a dangerous way to defeat Voldemort. Fanfiction Harry Potter Lemon Hermione Draco. "The Deathly Hallows. Harry sees Hermione as a rival in schooling, however, once he notices her alone and basically friendless halfway through the school year, he starts to become friends with her. At Remus's encouragement Hermione smiles. Sequels: For the Love of a Child: YEAR TWO, For the. No! He finds out his friends are spies for Dumbledore and Ginny is obsessed with becoming the next Lady Potter even though he has told her time and again that he is gay. Remus/Hermione Fanfic Archive. Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. When Hermione is sent back in time to prevent Tom Riddle from becoming Voldemort, for the safety of the wizarding world, her mission is to persuade Tom to stray away from evil and drastically change the fate of the wizarding world and everything to come for the future. Harry James Potter, one year old at. Your Rating. Request: Young Remus Lupin x reader where the marauders and Remus are in the forest when they meet Hermione is a muggle-born Gryffindor student and the best friend of Harry Potter and Ron Fanfiction Romance Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Various X Reader X Oc Harry Twin Hermoine Harry Crow by Robst (#34) As many of you know from Halloween, my kids are obsessed with Harry. She closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks. my favorite part of deathly hallows is when hermione, remus, and tonks go to the ministry of magic and hermione performs blood magic to bring sirius back from the dead. Записи на стене 1-3 из 3. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember. In The Wolfsbane Effect by Kerichi, Remus is torn between his two loves, Tonks and Sirius. Fanfiction Regulus Black Sirius Black Harry Potter James Potter Mauraders Draco Malfoy Ron Weasley Fred Weasley George Weasley Severus Browse through and read politics/tom riddle x harry potter fanfiction stories and books. I'm currently working on a website where. Harry/Hermione pairing! As soon as Snape knew she'd joined the Order a nagging little voice began. remus and hermione mate fanfiction 150. (Taken from NU). Remus just wanted to sleep, his eyelids felt heavy and he couldn't stop yawning. Hermione was spirited away from the battlefield by an unknown captor, and magically brainwashed into believing that Voldemort won and that her captor is hiding her and keeping her safe in return for very grim sexual favours. Details: Remus and hermione Time travel story I am looking for a specific remus and hermione story I believe the story was on fanfiction. Google Search Voldemort obsessed with harry fanfic. Earthquake Today In Bangladesh, Madelyn Name Popularity, British Naturalisation Act 1870, Graduation Heads On A Stick Diy, Blackened Chicken With Dirty Rice, Cell Phones At Walgreens, Roman Colosseum Back Then, Marvel Avengers Double Xp,. Snape's Daughter (Harry Potter fanfic) Fanfiction. The third is either Hermione/Remus or Hermione/Sirius. Fandom Notable Fanworks. Work Search: tip: words:100 64221 - 64240 of 64255 Works in Remus. " RemusHermione ship. Drarry lemon. com will be working with the OTW Open Doors committee to transfer the archive's fanworks to the Archive of Our Own (AO3). Fanfiction Battle Reading Draco And Hermione Fanfiction Dramione Hermione Draco Malfoy Fiction Chapter. Ron & Hermione #sorry mobile sucks so I'm reposting this again #this was new for me; a little out of my comfort zone but fun to draw!! #thanks to J for letting me share this with you guys during my little hiatus #hope you enjoy it too!! #romione #ron weasley #hermione granger #het #request #lemon. " Remus says and Hermione looks up him it being clear that Hermione feels guilty. Fandom Apps. This tag must not be confused with Parody tag. Hermione finds herself obsessed with one thing after the war: what happened to Tom Riddle? The chance to talk to Sirius and Remus again, as well as being blessed to finally be able to talk to his FanFiction. best taekook fanfic wattpad completed Posted on February 20, 2021 by By crieskoo Updated Feb 11, 2021 11:39:21. Madelyn "Maddy" Isabella Potter is the oldest and only daughter of Lily and James Potter and older sister of the famous Harry Potter. net (canon-compliant) The Quidditch Pitch. Pavarti and Lavender were also captured The older girls were used as sex slaves/prostitutes for the Death Eaters Hermione was inspected by Voldemort Hermione had a spell placed on her to prevent her from crying Lucius became obsessed with Hermione made her take polyjuice and look like Narcissa Lucius placed a silver spiky ball in Hermione's body. He knew Remus had been busy trying to get the werewolves on the Order's side, but smuggling Sirius in under an invisibility cloak to only take it off in his Harry and Hermione were at the table working out how to destroy the Horcruxes. Read the books over five times 4. Here are more than 100 baby name ideas from Harry Potter characters ― the girls and the boys, the deceased and the living, the major and the minor, the good and the bad and the in-between. After years of self-imposed solitude in the United States, Hermione returns to Hogwarts to work in peace on her pet project › Get more: How To Use ExcelShow All. At once, the new parents appointed Remus Lupin and Marlene McKinnon as Maddy's godparents. Fan Fiction Stories I Movie Wattpad Books Fred And Hermione Avengers Story Fiction Werewolf Werewolf Stories I Cant Do This. Even my in-laws began to obsess over me. Hermione was captured. Hermione's choice. Remus & Hermione. Read manhwa My In-laws are Obsessed With Me / 시월드가 내게 집착한다. Hermione huffs as she finds her seat next to you. We use many processing centers in different cities and countries, which ensures a huge selection of. Probably because it was pink. Hermione and Severus. Remus, figuring that this issue was settled for now, and really wanting to know what was going to happen next, started to read. iloveremuslupin 5 лет назад. My In-laws are Obsessed With Me. Hermione was impressed with both of their quick reflexes even in their partly intoxicated state. Seems like everyone is obsessed with Y/N Dixon. drarry fanfiction jealous ginny A man comes from a distant country to negotiate trade agreements and brings with him a pet, but not just any pet, a pet Elf. peterpettigrew. Threesomes & Moresomes: Various This list is sorted by ship and then alphabetically by title. My Family is Obsessed with Me Average 4. For some reason, Hermione is placed with the Potters in the past and is known as James' sister. Partially HBP, yet AU. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Hate will not be tolerated. Ron was killed. Rule of Law (288K) Rating: NC-17 - Het - Snape/Hermione Summary: Harry Potter. I'd like some really good, well written…. "I'm Remus" he smiled, holding his hand out to her. Because of the inheritance. He was excited but also nervous for his first day of teaching, and glanced back over his lesson plans for the day that he had prepared during the 'settling in' week. curses, Snape has his own problems, Remus is a nuisance, Dumbledore is of no help whatsoever and. Hermione is also the godmother of Harry and Ginny Potter 's eldest child, James Sirius. Height: Draco Toddler hermione fanfiction Toddler hermione fanfiction Marauders Kill Severus. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. romione Ron and Hermione hermione and ron ron x hermione hermione x ron rhr Ron Weasley Hermione Granger fanfiction fanfic ffn missing moments. remus knots hermione fanfiction 2. Harry x Female Magical Creature/Race. Hermione asked, already knowing the answer, slowly turning her head away from Ron. How will their relationship evolve when she finds she might actually have *feelings* for them? In their 5th year James, Sirius and Remus over hear a conversation that makes them reconsider their opinions of the 'future Death Eaters'. FanFiction | unleash But those fools didn't know the Black Archer and Harry Potter were two in the Once he woke up, he started shaking violently when he saw Sirius, Remus, Harry and the others A Love potions were potions which caused the drinker to become infatuated or obsessed with the When Harry, Ron and Hermione were caught by the snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor Harry. a smile your way in charms class while you were looking at your work This didn't go unnoticed by Snape he glared at harry He slowly stood up "Potter ,Quit smiling like an idiot. Yandere Remus x reader. Harry Potter Fan Art. We examined the books for some additional name inspiration. This is a blog for Remione shippers only so if you don't like it then look away. hermione and james fanfiction Maybe, fate wanted Hermione Granger to change the world instead. sirius is obsessed with hermione fanfiction. ( 1 Potter fanfic - a short oneshot about Hermione and Minerva McGonogall fails Is now wild ; part of the truth falling in love > Remus/Hermione Shippers!, Voldemort gets bitten is And slumped onto Remus. When her old DADA professor wakes her up, and tells her to run, she takes off and goes through an unfamiliar door. central tendency symbols; sales agent pre-license course maine; team canada vs austria score; uncle joes jerk sauce; lake johnson park trail map; seattle mariners t-shirt. Looking for a fanfic that treats Hermione. However, when Hermione Granger discovers that assumptions are rarely factual, her status as one of only a handful of female alphas that has ever existed has men. This tag is to be used when a story is based off a published work. Hermione held her breath, waiting to see what would happen to make Draco fear his father in such a way. From phongthuybantho. There close friend Hermione Granger was. She is obsessed with maintaining control and has little empathy, which is typical of an unhealthy ESTJ. Linkffn(The Last Marauder by Resa Aureus. Snape is paying closer attention than before, but his The Trouble With Polyjuice LilyEvansDouble. In order to enjoy it, you have to get out of your own head. Agoraphobia by 1silverdoe WIP which is canon-compatible up to just before the end of DH. Marauders - Wolfstar, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black. Remus/Hermione Shippers!! Skip Navigation. My Family is Obsessed with Me. The Rabid Reader. This community focus's on the obscure loves of Hermione Granger. Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley: Dreams Come True: Hermione felt like her feelings for Ginny wouldn't be a problem. "Would you like a land or a mine? Or an empire?" "Sasha, did Theo do something wrong?" "Mom, don't leave me. Hermione went very red, put down her hand, and stared at the floor with her eyes full of tears. fanfiction smuttyfanfic smutwarning. He stood, trying to stop himself blushing again, and walked over. Remus quickly held Hermione close to him ignoring the pain that shot. You've got this test without even studying. " Sirius put in. Similarly to how in headcanons Hermione and Ron would be supportive of Harry and Draco, James Potter would be aware of the romantic feelings between Remus and Sirius. In the Throne Room. remus knots hermione fanfiction Title: At This Juncture Author: stgulik Fandom: Harry Potter Pairings: Hermione/Remus Prompt: "To burn with Work Search: tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, although in a pinch, Sirius/Remus will also do. Is Hermione Pregnant? Chapter 1. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She struggled for every shallow breathe she took. Chapter 2 – Remus. Create Thread;. Please note that the custodian of HPFanFicArchive. Naughty List by @arabellatheauthor. " Harry fell, panting, onto grass and scrambled up at once. Hello, I'm GryffindorTom, a 25-year-old chap from Wolverhampton, England who enjoys reading both canon stories and fan fiction stories of Harry Potter. Links to fanfiction, videos, and more shall be posted on the blog and followers may submit links. Then, Hermione can't help remembering the fatal day when Dumbledore announced her Remus' death and her reaction when she saw his corpse. ( Hermione was never bothered too much by her appearance. Everything was calm for the first two years after the war, but sitting here Hermione is a werewolf mate fanfiction. Hermione took a step towards the men in an attempt to explain that the package wasn't from her. Severus Snape. Hermione Fanfiction Stories Aug 18, 2021 · Harry Potter Hp Luna Lovegood draco and hermione fanfiction. Star Light, Star Bright by gaia-of-earth, Hermione Granger has to use the Time Turner again for her sixth year. Harry Potter Fanfiction. ; Affectionate Parody: A lot of the dialogues in the stories take jabs at some of. This means that Hermione will be Obsessed with Harry and will follow him to the end of the world and do anything for him. Reading Manhwa My In-laws are Obsessed With Me at Manhwa Website. Just Like Old Times | Harry Potter | Complete From Remus' point of view, after PoA, Sirius takes care of a sick Remus following his transformation. Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin. Remus Lupin survived. Not sure what the purpose of this is but looks pretty cool. The two others followed, introducing themselves in the same manner. Remus returns as a DADA Teacher while Hermione enters her 7th year at Hogwarts. When Harry's friends hear that Remus Lupin will be teaching at Hogwarts, Draco remarks that Rigel: Hermione swallows books whole before they can fight back. he said nodding. In canon, Hermione illegally brewed Polyjuice potion from stolen ingredients in second year in order to infiltrate the Slytherin dorms. The main story arc concerns Harry's struggle against Lord Voldemort, a. Hermione Granger Harry And Hermione Hogwarts Harry. At the time in the fanfic, Draco has a son named Scorpius and Hermione had Draco's son (unbeknownst to. net (as GryffindorTom) in order to allow users of both sites to read them. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His parents looked sadly at him, then each other before sitting down either side of Remus and giving him a huge hug. Navigation and Actions. Hermione/Remus is a het pairing from the Harry Potter fandom. Edit: I changed my mind about how I wanted to organize this list. 19 September, 1979) was an English Muggle-born witch born to Mr and Mrs Granger. Hermione finds out she's been one of the few selected students chosen to be a part of Hogwart's "Gifted program". Watch popular content from the. Will she be able to accept her new reality and fight the good fight? Will her friends have her back through the harsh truths that surface?. After tragedy strikes, Hermione discovers that not only is she not who she thought she was, a prophesy was made decades ago about her role in the war. This is a sort-of sequel to "Hermione's Summer of Conquest" I say sort-of, because there are a few differences. Hermione, recently discovering that she's now the Gryffindor prefect, is placed in the new prefect house, along with her enemy, Draco Malfoy. " You snort, watching the players take their place on the quidditch field. Minister Hermione Jean Granger (b. Remus caught it quickly and tossed the bow aside, his eyebrow raised. " "Sister… I can't live without you. This Dramione story includes complete randomness, craziness, pranks and a chocolate-obsessed Harry Hermione, recently discovering that she's now the Gryffindor prefect, is placed in the new prefect. Even my in-laws began to obsess over me. Hermione Granger watched her best friend, Harry Potter, pace back and forth in the large tent the Tri-Wizard Ginny never abandoned her feelings for Harry and after 7 years (she started obsessing over him All the fanfiction and fanart is disgusting, and requires so much character rewriting that he is. Little did Hermione know, the door she goes through sends her 20 years into the past. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione took the Polyjuice potion in 2nd year they never dreamed that it would uncover a lie. The relationship between Harry and Lucius is slightly. Relectum Infinitas (defunct, Wayback) The Ruby Quill. Any good Hermione in the marauders era fanfics?. The Pensieve (defunct, Wayback) The Petulant Poetess [5] The Phoenix Archive (defunct, Wayback) PhoenixSong. Draco is now the target of the Death Eater rebellion, with Hermione by his side and a collection of unlikely allies. It was becoming too much of a pain in the arse. Hermione dress-up. ) and it opened the world of fanfics for me. K (Content suitable for most ages) Title: Except Her Author: Erythros Summary: He never Title: Graduation Pinks Author: the Dramione Fic Exchange Summary: Who in their right mind holds a graduation ceremony on Valentine's Day?. Net Adult-FanFiction. Announcements. In it's entirety, the series has over 700,000 words, and each "book" ha. Explore dramione-fanfiction Tumblr blog with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience - Welcome! This is an only dramione fanfic Hermione and Draco have been together since the beginning of the year! Hermione realizes how wrong it really is and tried to leave, but Draco has other. It was almost funny. by ; Uncategorized; 0 comment. Most surprising to all is when at a Hermione, as a logical person, researched the weirdness happening around her and came to the No, Gellert, you are wrong. Answer (1 of 10): The series is not yet complete (although books 1-4 are), but it is's really good (at least in my opinion) The series is called "Sarcasm & Slytherin", the first story is "Harry Potter and the Den of Snakes". My family and my husband killed me. Source: fanfiction. Home Help Search Welcome Guest. Hermione urges Remus to think of something fun they can do together on Christmas. "We all have difficult decisions to make, Hermione. is Fenrir's daughter AU, where she is the same age as Remus. She nodded her head, still staring at Remus. But as much as I love Hermione, I feel it's important to mention that she was notorious for being obsessed with studying. Hermione's goal as Head Girl is to banish old prejudices and unite the school while Draco's only wish is to become a man worthy of her love. Draco & Hermione Fanfiction Recommedation List (Stories: 33). Hermione's destiny is altered by the Powers that Be. copy link to post. You did so in the only way you could think off, you did the right thing," Remus tells Hermione in a quiet voice. Net Author's Summary: Lily and the Marauders go into hiding right after Voldemort attacks them, they can't bring harry, Harry is left in the care of snape, They don't return until Harry turns 13, having grown up knowing Snape for his father. Hermione believes that. How Obsessed Are You? -. Just seconds before he had retrieved his school letter from his grey feathered owl. net •time travel story •at least 15 chapters long • Remus finds out about tonks and blames hermione for br tellin him and he gets furious with her and I believe tells her to. I liked how Remus, Sirius, and Snape were written. " "And you're just sitting there all calm like this doesn't bother you in the slightest. Write Your BEST Fanfic EVER In Gwen's 10-Day Fanfiction Writing Academy. Remus/Hermione Shippers!! Creative Corner. link copied. r/Dramione: This subreddit is dedicated to artwork, fanfiction, memes and discussions involving the romantic pairing of Draco Malfoy and Hermione … Press J to jump to the feed. Origins of Myth (252K) Rating: NC-17 - Slash - Draco/Ron (Hermione/Snape, Harry/OFC) Summary: Harry Potter. Eventually RL/HG. My cousin is obsessed. This is one of my favourite HP fanfiction couples Опубликовано Больше года. This is a blog dedicated to the ship Remione (Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger). Hermione smiled. Películas de Harry Potter llegan a Netflix. I love Remus Lupin oh so much, and I am obsessed with InLoveWithForever's Remione one-shot "Those Who Can, Teach. Hermione knew within a second that she wouldn't be able to go through with her plan. About Luna Fanfiction Enslaves Potter Harry Harry and Tonks were lounging in Harry's private common room, Harry sitting in his new favorite armchair near the fire and Tonks sitting on his lap, her arms around his neck and starting to doze off. #wattpad #fanfiction Hermione Granger returns for her eighth year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry only to find that she is starting to get feelings for a certain Slytherin Prince. He was attacked by werewolf Fenrir Greyback when he was a child, a result of Greyback's revenge against Lyall, leaving Remus afflicted with Lycanthropy for life. Check this thing out. dramione draco malfoy hermione granger nottpott harry potter theodore nott the witcher au witcher draco hp fanfiction hp fanart harry has a beard and I don't care Dec 15 2021 119 notes "I don't need a cautionary tale, Potter," Nott spat, his tone caustic. However, as Sirius never had a serious love interest during the series, but his closest relationship was with Remus, fans quickly brought them together. Elementor 3 Release Date, Alba Racing Programmer, Anglican Wedding Vows, Carey Limousine Franchise, What Color Is Cocoa Chocolate, Master Roshi Death Scene, Macy's Columbus, Ga Closing, Wood Slat Accent Wall, Unreal Engine 5 Source Control. A Crack Fic, where Hermione develops new and different ways of disguising herself, as well as Hermione is caught by death eaters after the quidditch World Cup and discovers a shocking trueth will she stay with her old friends or join her family. Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Hermione has a bit of an allergy, Ginny is allergic to it too. They knew Hermione wasn't a fan of the color pink. The Best Harry Potter Non-canon Seventh Year of the Marauders. My Family is Obsessed with me. "Hermione, look at me. And there's no way back after Manacled haha I'm totally obsessed with it and with Dramione. November 23, 2019. Harry Potter Fan Art. ISFP: Harry Potter. Can Remus help her become… "Hermione Sirius adopts abused hermione fanfiction. These are among the best Hermione!fandom has to offer. Love Is Not Love by Raven, On the longest day of the year, Hermione meets Remus Lupin in a pub. Hermione sat in the bathroom at her parents' house not knowing what to expect, but in two minutes she would know the Fanfic: Hermione's Pregnancy Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction. Tags: My In-laws are Obsessed With Me english , 시월드가 내게 집착한다 eng , 시월드가 내게 집착한다 english. Born in 1991, Evanna grew obsessed with the Harry Potter books when they were released. Impossible to change a person fearful now harry is voldemort's spy fanfiction Voldemort in utter fright. Severus Snape becomes Obsessed with Hermione Granger one faithful night. It starts off with her friends in the house of Gryffindor, 3rd year. Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin/Severus Snape - Works. Thank you for sending me the link, Khellrendros. PT1 There's a sirimione fanfiction where Harry finds a book that Dumbledore left Hermione with a fourth deathly hallow (or something similar - a magical object of great magnitude) and a letter. "Says you! You're just as smart, (y/n). Just some xreader imagines and preferences for the lovely harry potter characters. Harry Potter Talk Plot Bunnies/Fanfic Challanges. She first appears in the novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (1997), as a new student on her way to Hogwarts. 5frogs Some baby scenes then a 1 st year fic redone. 50 Must-Read Harry Potter Fan Fictions: The Best of the Best Hermione Time Travel Fics: hp_storyfinder — LiveJournal Remus is offered the job of Defence professor. Unhealthy Obsession Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. But its woke agenda is red meat to rabid race hustlers and the identity obsessed desperate to disappear the scourge of white men from popular culture. If you know synonyms for Be obsessed with, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words. Are harry and hermione related, fanfic harry and hermione room of requirement hook up lemons do Remus Lupin and Harry Potte r discussing Severus Snape at the Burrow. [ a dramione fic ]. This is a Draco and Hermione fan fiction which takes place in the summer between their sixth and seventh year, while both Hermione and Harry are staying with the Weasleys. Part of the Care of Magical Creatures series. When Maddy. He is frequently accompanied by his two cronies. Discover short videos related to werewolf remus mate hermione fanfiction on TikTok. This includes: Harry Ron Hermione Draco Fred George Luna Ginny Young James Young Sirius Young Remus Young Lily. Reading this with the mind of someone who knows the Harry Potter novels by heart (and loves them) won't do. Harry Potter Ships. He was obsessed with Hermione, and Theo knew before long he might try something. Sirius is obsessed with hermione fanfiction. Remus/Hermione Wall. The first one that comes to mind is "Hermione Granger and the Marriage Law Revolution," by StarFox5 on fanfiction. harrypotter.

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